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Kyle's passion for plants is baked into his passion for cooking fresh and nutritious food for the people he loves. He is likely scheming his next dish while walking through the field to see what's ripe for pickin'. His kinship with mycelium is reflected in his soil building efforts like making compost to feed the fields, or concocting a foliar spray to boost plant resilience. Seed crops bring out a special kind of joy in Kyle that can only be matched by his avid hunger for the high country, or perhaps a buttery biscuit.


Cailyn’s love of land has guided her feet and hands on a long journey from her home in the East all the way to the Methow. Whether It’s tending fields, leading children in place-based activities, or counting pistils and stamens on a wildflower, her passion for connection is contagious. You can usually find her barefoot in the garden, adorned with a flower, planning the next crop successions. All of this love sprouts from a desire to heal the wounds of our societies broken systems, and leave behind something beautiful for generations to come. 


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